About US

What you wear, shows who you are! Whether you prefer Simple/Quotes/abstract designs/Sparkles whatever it may be YOU are representing your true self!  Personalities can be seen with a simple T-shirt! We love creating designs for Everyone to be able to Express themselves! 
We love everything sports, homemade, and especially those meaningful gifts! We are fun, energetic friends that are full of CREATIVE ideas! We both are boy moms with very energetic boys who keep us busy with sports and activities. We also have several nieces, so we are aware of all the cute, fun and sassiness for your beautiful girls. 
Come express yourself with some personal designs, made by U-Moody? We love custom requests and are always willing to figure out how to best serve our community and its people. Contact us for all custom products. We do everything from signs, apparel, accessories, t-shirts, keychains, etc. YOU NAME IT, we will make it!  Find something on U Moody Shop and what it customized? Please send us a message!  umoody2023@gmail.com
We cannot wait to see what Ideas we can bring to life! 
We are here for YOU!
Rachel and Julie